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String Lights

Fairy Lights
FAIRY LIGHTS other wise known as Christmas tree lights are such a Christmas tradition. This section offers a range of the more traditional fairy lights
Indoor String Lights
INDOOR STRING LIGHTS instantly transform indoor areas. Choose from simple elegant white lights to colourful themed stringlights
Battery String Lights
BATTERY STRING LIGHTS are great for adding vivid colour to anywhere very quickly. Battery powered lights are very portable and can be used very effectively
Children's String Lights
CHILDREN'S STRING LIGHTS can really bring bedrooms or play areas alive. Colourful and bright they can compliment existing lighting and introduce new themes
Outdoor String Lights
OUTDOOR STRING LIGHTS can be used to really make the most of your garden and outdoor spaces. Light up the patio or add bright highlights to trees & plants
Solar String Lights
SOLAR STRING LIGHTS can be placed anywhere outside & gives you freedom from the plug. Make the most out of outdoor spaces
Rope Lights
ROPE LIGHTS tend to be more robust and harder wearing than stringlights, often used outdoors and throughout the year...
Table Decorations
TABLE DECORATIONS Why not make the most of special occasions and get some wow factor on the table. Simple ideas that can make a big impact - ideal too for events

String Lights

String lights are a quick & easy way to brighten any area of your home or garden. Simply arrange the string lights & plug in for instant & dramatic effects!

With so many designs of string lights available today there is bound to be a design to suit.

String Lights come in various forms and are used as both decorative and practical lighting.

String Lights offer a simple and flexible lighting solution – easy to install & easy to put away. With string lights you can change the feel of a space in minutes.

There are so many designs of String Lighting from the standard white christmas fairy lights to elaborate designs such as can be found in many Flower String Lights

In the home stringlights can be used in every room to create various effects. Use stringlights in the kitchen such as the iconic Chili String Light to add vibrancy…

Jelly Bear Fairy Lights
Prices from £12.95

Frosted Jar Fairy Lights
Prices from £11.95

Solar Rope Light 100 LED
Prices from £17.99

Origami Fox Fairy Lights
Prices from £18.95

Solar Powered 25 Orb Fairy Lights
Prices from £13.99

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