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Solar String Lights

can be placed anywhere outside & gives you freedom from the plug. Make the most out of outdoor spaces

Solar Alphabet Lights

Solar Alphabet Lights

Celebrate in style and see your messages up in lights with bright white solar alphabet string lights!
Solar Extra Large Bulb String Lights

Solar Extra Large Bulb String Lights

Brighten up your garden with the super bright solar string lights. The chain of 50 extra large bulb static solar lights are great for lighting up plants or features around the garden.
5 Solar Light Bulbs Warm White

5 Solar Light Bulbs Warm White

Give your garden lighting a modern twist with stunning fairy lighting inside clear naked light bulbs.

Solar Umbrella Lights

Solar Umbrella Lights

Playful garden lighting, these colourful umbrellas are lit by bright white LEDs for a fun garden glow.
Solar Daisy Stringlights

Solar Daisy Stringlights

Bring your garden into full bloom with bright and colourful Solar Daisy String Lights. White LED's shine from the centre of bright and decorative multi coloured daisies for enchanting garden lighting.
best seller 20 Colour Change Solar Party Lights

20 Colour Change Solar Party Lights

Decorative and fun colour change party lighting, 20 Colour Change Solar Party Lights make fabulous atmospheric garden lighting.

Solar Power String Lights

Solar Power String Lights are now available that draw power purely from the sun. Solar technology is advancing fast and now you can ‘harvest’ some of the suns energy and enhance and illuminate your garden without the need of mains electricity.

Using Solar Power String Lights not only costs nothing they are entirely environmentaly friendly to use.

Solar String Lights are waterproof and with no need to be attached to the mains they are very flexible in where you can place them. The main requirement is that you place the solar cells facing the direction of most sun to gain the best charge to keep the lights on all evening.

Party Wire Lights
Prices from £20.95

20m Warm White Supabrights
Prices from £14.99

Ora String Lights
Prices from £24.95

20m Clear Cable Supabrights
Prices from £14.99

Autumn Leaves Metal Floral String
Prices from £39.95

White Lace Ball Fairy Lights
Prices from £12.95

Cotton Ball Fairy Lights Grey
Prices from £15.95

Large Vintage Bulb String Lights
Prices from £19.99

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