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Rope Lights

tend to be more robust and harder wearing than stringlights, often used outdoors and throughout the year

Rope Lights

Rope lights were originaly string lights that were encased in a waterproof tube so they could be used outdoors. Rope lights are a great way to guide people around your garden or home with gentle ropes of light.

Ropelights have been used for decorating floats, cars and carnival items, as well as dance floors, DJ booths and much much more.

Rope light is a brilliant and robust solution to adding a more permanent string light style lighting effect indoors and outdoors, with most rope lights being weatherproof and suitable for use in permanent installations in gardens and outdoors.

Rope lights are a great all weather solution for making pathways, dancefloors and even houses look dazzling all year round.

Tropical String Lights
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40 Nostalgic LED Lanterns
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Copper Tone Wire Lights
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360 LED Net Chaser Lights
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Light Up Bunting
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Origami String Lights
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300 LED Dual Colour Chaser Lights
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